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Blackpool Music Service Christmas Showcase 2021 - A time to enjoy, Applaud and Celebrate.

Blackpool Music Service and Music Education Hub is one of the top five Music Services in England. We work with over 20,000 Blackpool children every year and provide weekly vocal and instrumental tuition to more than 4,500 children from every school in Blackpool. All instruments are loaned without charge and all weekly ensemble and choral rehearsals remain free.

This totally inclusive service offers new aspirations and opportunities for all.

Throughout this last year we have continued to work in all our schools, often with only key worker children. For those not able to go to school, our online videos and interactive programmes have been very busy and resulted in 79,000 views and lesson downloads!

The additional services we provided has been supported by numerous Blackpool Wards and we wish to take this opportunity to thank all of the Councillors, Delivery Partners and the Post Code Lottery for helping us to invest in our
children’s musical education.