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Blackpool Music Service’s Virtual Christmas Festival 2020

For the last 18 years we have celebrated Christmas together at the Winter Gardens, Tower Ballroom and Pleasure Beach. This has provided great excitement and some wonderful performances which will live in our children’s memories for so very many years to come.

This year we decided on a virtual event since there were so few options. Cancelling Christmas was not on my list! Consequently, we chose Christmas Carols, songs, instrumental arrangements and fun items in which we could all participate and celebrate Christmas together.

After choosing the music, preparing the arrangements, backing-tracks and making hundreds of recordings we now have a final edited DVD which we hope you will all enjoy. The full programme shows the standard of our young instrumentalists and their impressive ability and skills when they eventually leave school.

The DVD features performers from all Blackpool high schools, two of three Blackpool Special Schools, more than two-thirds of our Primary Schools, 8 Lancashire Schools and five Further Education National Orchestras and Bands. Our thanks go to each and every school, teachers and performers.
We do hope you get the opportunity to share these performances during the Christmas holidays and celebrate the achievement of your child.

We look forward to 2021 and sharing staged performances. Until then all of us at Blackpool Music Centre wish you all, a safe, Merry Christmas.

Andrew White
Music Adviser